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Chocolate – Cravat

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Mliječna čokolada s bademima i komadićima tamne čokolade (100g)


What was once an essential part of a Croatian military uniform, the cravat soon became on of the most recognisable and fashionable accessories. Thanks to the influence of Louis XIV. France was the first country to incorporate it as a symbol of culture and nobility.

Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Dark Chocolate (100g)

Ingredients: sugar; cocoa butter; whole milk powder; cocoa mass; emulsifier: soy lecithin; aroma of natural vanilla, almonds. It can contain traces of walnuts and hazelnuts. Milk chocolate contains min. 35.1% cocoa parts. Dark chocolate contains min. 48% cocoa parts. Store in a dry and cool place, without scent. Storage temperature: 12 – 20 ° C.

Average nutritional value in 100 g:
Energy: 2,356 kJ / 563 kcal; Fat: 36.2 g; of which saturated fat acids: 21.8 g; Carbohydrates: 50.9 g; of which sugars: 49.9 g; Fiber: 2.1 g; Proteins: 7.0 g; Sol: 0.21 g

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